Mississippi Code, Title 57, Chapter 21-9

UnderĀ Mississippi Code, Title 57, Chapter 21-9, the Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory was established for the following purposes:

  • To provide analytical, chemical, and bacteriological services for regulatory control, in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, of the quality of feeds, oil-seed meals, fertilizers, and economic poisons offered for sale in Mississippi. The State Chemist shares responsibility for labeling and standards of such goods with these agencies.
  • To conduct chemical, bacteriological, and physical tests of foods sold in the state, regulating the quality and labeling of such foods.
  • To conduct chemical and physical tests on petroleum products offered for sale in the state.
  • To provide chemically oriented consultation, problem-solving services and supporting analytical chemistry for other state agencies such as the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, the State Geologist, the Board of Health, the Mississippi Development Authority, the University Research Center, the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the Highway Patrol, the Mississippi Crime Laboratory, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, the Cooperative Extension Service, and the Agricultural and Forestry Experimental Station, as funds and resources permit.
  • To provide chemical consultation, toxicological analyses, and scientific services for the solution of problems of individual citizens and firms of the State who are engaged in agricultural or industrial endeavors furthering the economic growth or development of Mississippi.
  • To conduct research and development programs associated with the discharge of these responsibilities.
  • To carry out any program or duty which may be authorized or delegated to it by future legislation.