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Pricing Guide

General Information

(All prices are subject to change without notice)


Prepayment is required at the time of sample submission unless prior arrangements have been made with the Business Office (i.e. purchase order or credit card payment). No results will be released until payment has been received. All samples must be submitted with a completed and properly executed Chain-of-Custody/Sample Submission Form (COC/SSF) record. The COC/SSF record should be filled out in ink. In addition to name, address and contact information, additional information that must be included on the COC/SSF form in order for it to be considered complete is listed on the SSF’s limitations of liability. For University Accounts: Any charges to invalid Fund Numbers/Activity Codes will be billed to your Overhead Account. Contact the Business Office at 662-325-7805 if the Account Number needs to be changed for future reference, or if you have questions regarding the charges. Payments are accepted via cash, check, credit card, banner account, wire, or purchase order. Any invoices paid with a credit card will have a convenience fee (2.8%) included in the price.

Sample Information

Samples must be received in the appropriate containers required by the test methods and be in good condition without any visible signs of damage or contamination. Sufficient sample volume must be received within the holding time defined by the regulatory agency, to perform the analyses/methods requested. The amount of sample required to perform a specific test can vary considerably depending on the kind and number of analyses required. If you have any questions concerning sample size, container, or preservation requirements, please contact the laboratory before sending samples. All samples and sample containers must be properly labeled with a sample ID (limited characters), sample date and time for each sample and sample container and be in agreement with the COC/SSF record. Sample labeling must be completed using waterproof labels and permanent ink markings. Environmental samples require thermal preservation. Temperature for sample shipment/storage should be 2-60° C. It is the responsibility of the person collecting and packaging the samples to make sure the temperature requirements are met. Please note on the COC/SSF if samples may be hazardous or highly contaminated. Sample name should be one you wish to see in the final report.

Turnaround Time

30 working days is standard for most tests. Expedited results are usually available but are subject to priority charges. You will need to call and confirm the corresponding fee and availability.

Sample Holding and Disposal

Unless alternative arrangements are specified by the customer when samples are submitted to the laboratory, the excess from samples not used for analysis will be retained by the laboratory after reporting results for a minimum 30 days. If longer-term storage is necessary, a storage fee will be charged based on the type of sample being held. Please contact the laboratory if samples need to be saved.

Hazardous Sample Disposal

Samples that require special handling and disposal will be assessed a fee based on sample size and regulations. In some cases the sample may be returned to the client to be disposed of at the client’s expense.


In some cases discounts can be applied for volume work. Please consult the laboratory for discounted analysis terms and application.