Sample Shipment

When submitting a sample or samples for analysis, please give special attention to the following points:

  1. Fill out and submit with each sample or group of samples an MSCL Sample Submission Form giving a complete description of problems encountered and analysis desired, as well as the name and address for reporting and billing. Also include phone number and email.
  2. Samples should be fresh and as representative as possible.
  3. Proper documentation is necessary to ensure prompt processing of your samples. Each sample must be clearly labeled, and have a unique Sample #. (It can be as simple as “Sample 1”, “Sample 2”, ect.) Samples received without proper documentation may be rejected.
  4. Provide adequate amount of sample(s) for analysis. (If unsure of the appropriate amount needed, please contact MSCL for additional information.)
  5. Package samples securely and ship properly. Perishable samples should be shipped under refrigeration. Please see additional instructions.
  6. Preservatives: Some water samples require preservatives depending on the test required. MSCL will provide the appropriate container with a small amount of preservative. !Important! The containers will be labeled according to test and preservative. The preservative is likely to be strong acids or bases, and can cause superficial burns to skin and/or damage clothing. Extra care should be exercised while handling and filling pre-preserved sample containers.
  7. Refrigeration at 40C is also appropriate to preserve water samples to be analyzed for BOD, conductance, dissolved solids, acidity, alkalinity, nitrate, nitrite, silica and sulfate. Refrigeration at 40C also appropriate for most organic analytes including pesticides, herbicides, petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile and semivolatile organics.
  8. If there are any questions regarding the proper sampling or shipping procedures, please email or call (662) 325-3428.
  9. Samples which are too large or bulky to send by the U.S. Postal service should be shipped to the following address by United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx:


U.S. Postal:
Box CR Mississippi State, MS 39762

UPS or FedEx:
310 President’s Circle 
Room 1145,Hand Lab
Mississippi State, MS 39762